Inspirations: A search for myself

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It seems that my search for me and my healthier lifestyle have taken on a road not yet travelled. In trying to figure out why I can’t seem to find the desire to lose weight and move forward, I have come across spiritual and inspirational sites that are more about finding me. I am coming across similar answers to who am I. Almost like someone or something is drawing me towards a new path or a similar path that I didn’t realize I had already been introduced to many times before. You see, way back when I first had my breakdown, I was told by a remarkable psychiatrist that I was broken, that I had used up all my coping mechanisms to deal with life and didn’t have anything left. He said, “It’s like you don’t know how to get back on the horse again” and needed to find out what happened and how to get back on the road. This would be a long journey filled with the fear of facing reality. Reality hurts; it’s a painful thing to face. Did I really want to face the truth, the pain of reality? No, I didn’t. So I spent many years hiding behind my depression because my fantasy world was far more peaceful and I had more control over fantasy than I ever had with reality. My peace was my fantasy, if I didn’t face the truth, face reality, it couldn’t hurt me anymore.

I finally took the next step and sought therapy closer to home. Now some may say that therapy and inspirational thought are not related, one being facts and science, the other being spiritual and philosophy. But in my case, what I now realize is that my therapy was my start to inspiration. You see, my therapist said many times that when you are broken and in fear and constant worry, it is impossible to move forward, to find peace and the strength to face reality.

So now here I am without really knowing what I was looking for and coming across inspiration from various sources. Some of these sources are spiritual, philosophical, religious (of varying types) and debatable. I don’t know how I feel about any of it, but it seems to motivate me without really understanding it. I’m a little confused and scared of facing some of them, but this is what my journey is about, right? Trusting in myself to face the truth and reality head on and see where it brings me.

The posts and information etc will be credited back to the source with my praise and thankfulness because now it is starting to make sense, (a little bit). All those things being said in therapy are also being quoted by amazing people around the world. Who knew my therapy had an inspirational side and it is just starting to sink in. Please take the time to read their pages and find out for yourself what it means to you. Drop them a line to let them know how you found them so they know that what they write about is helping a lot of people, especially me.

One page that woke me up is 

I came across her page by Googling “Rami inspirational quotes”. Here the author, Leslie Green, talks about trust and how you can’t heal and find peace without trusting to face your fears.

~ You are powerful beyond belief.  Trust begins within you. ~

I am drawn to her story. Like many of us she started her blog as a beginning to find a dream. Leslie has also had many obstacles on her path where she has had to choose between Trust and Fear.  This is how I came about making a section of my blog about ‘Inspiration, My Search For Me’ and where mine comes from.

Enjoy your visit and may you find the trust within yourself to find your own peace.


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