Moving past your pain

Moving past your pain.

Some very inspirational thoughts.

I am thankful for finding this post and to be able to take those thoughts with me and share them. Peace be with you always. These are some excerpts that touched my spirit…

  • We have all been a victim of something in our lives. It doesn’t have to determine your destiny
  • And then we have to make a very important choice: to let it continue to reign in our lives or to do what it takes to overcome it.
  •  If there is one important lesson you can learn it’s this: you may have been a victim yesterday but that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim forever.
  • You won’t be able to erase the pain or the memories but every day you can choose to refuse to replay them in your head and be held captive by them.
  • Today, decide … don’t look at your circumstances and see yourself as a victim, instead look at the cross and see yourself as a beloved child of God.
  • There’s a freedom and a joy waiting for you if you only stop looking backward and let go.


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Dreams do come true..

So very inspirational and enlightening. I love passages that touch my soul and inspire me.


Life is a challenge,

And one should not run away,

It’s like searching for gold in the sand,

Do not lose hope, learn to stay.

For if you build a castle,

Wind might blow it away,

But learning not to give up,

Might make you stand on the top someday.

I have heard my voices,

I have seen myself cry,

Did thought of giving up,

Never imagined that angels might drop by.

Even today I have not succeeded ,

But I ain’t giving up the dream too,

I’d like to see some dreams,

For dreams do come true….

Dream on..

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Filled with Stories (Daily Prompt)

I just found this amazing passage. It’s like he took it right from my head. I wonder if there is someone watching over me to bring me to this particular page. Well here I am… Full of inspiration once again… Maybe this time I will write one more page in my Journial. Oh wait… I just did.
Thanks bunches to the author, Matthew Burgos. I will be back to read more.

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“Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?” – Daily Prompt

“Before this year started, I promised to myself I’ll accomplish this challenge I dared to myself.” I said to Greg.

“And what is it that you want to accomplish?”

I turned to him. “Do you remember the journal you gave to me last 2011?”

His brows furrowed momentarily before nodding. “Yeah, the green one?”

I snapped my fingers. “That one. Well, I promised that I’d fill all the pages up with fiction writings before the year ends.”

Greg’s face was in awe. “What? You mean, you still have that until now and you haven’t filled that up?”

I place my poker face. “I think that’s what I just said.”

Greg laughed. “Well, that’s really a challenge.”


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Just like the brush in the painters hand ~ RumiJust like the brush in the painter’s hand we have no idea where we are. ~ Rumi

Start with the first stroke  – It’s a beginning

Quotes can be encouragement, inspiration, or just make us smile. Here will be a number of quotes, verses, etc that may help to inspire and make us smile. The very least I hope to do is to get us to think of what the quote means to us and how it makes us feel. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge, sometimes we need an entire blog. This is the beginning, one baby step, enjoy the journey.

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 “Anyone can give up: it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength” – unknown

This quote, although inspirational and well-meaning may leave those of us that didn’t hold it together feeling defeated. Yes holding it together when the going gets tough does take strength, but when you run out of strength, run out of coping tools and can no longer hold it together that’s when you and those around you need to understand this doesn’t mean you are weak and you have no control. It means this time you need help getting through this. Giving up is not easy, it is painful, you can not just snap out of it.  It does take a lot of strength to get help, survive and move forward. It seems much easier to hide or end it all than to get help & face reality. Depression hurts everyone and there is help to put the pieces together & go forward. You are not alone. Reach out for help from professionals. That first step takes a lot of strength, then it’s baby steps after that.

 (More about clinical depression later)


Chicken fried steak

Ahh “Steak and Bake” that’s when I used Shake n’ Bake on steak. You laughed, now who’s making his own… LOL




It seems that whenever I mention this recipe to someone I get the whole “chicken fried WWWHHHAAATTT????” and to be honest when I first heard about this dish some 30 years ago when it was called “Steak and Bake” I had the same reaction. Well fast forward 30 years and it’s not a stranger anymore.

One of the reasons I really like this recipe is that it is using an inexpensive cut of meat that does not require and inordinate amount of time to cook AND when you add smashed potatoes , “milk” gravy and a vegetable you can feed a family of four  for under $20.00. That’s right you heard me — UNDER $20.00.

Here’s how:


–          1 2 pound Round steak

–          1 Cup of flour

–          ½ cup milk

–          2 Tablespoon salt, pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion

–          3 Eggs (whisked)

–          1 Cup…

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Source and Attribute Creative Commons Photos Like a Pro | The Daily Post

Source and Attribute Creative Commons Photos Like a Pro

by Krista on March 26, 2013 click below for full informative article.

Source and Attribute Creative Commons Photos Like a Pro | The Daily Post.

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