Moving past your pain

Moving past your pain.

Some very inspirational thoughts.

I am thankful for finding this post and to be able to take those thoughts with me and share them. Peace be with you always. These are some excerpts that touched my spirit…

  • We have all been a victim of something in our lives. It doesn’t have to determine your destiny
  • And then we have to make a very important choice: to let it continue to reign in our lives or to do what it takes to overcome it.
  •  If there is one important lesson you can learn it’s this: you may have been a victim yesterday but that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim forever.
  • You won’t be able to erase the pain or the memories but every day you can choose to refuse to replay them in your head and be held captive by them.
  • Today, decide … don’t look at your circumstances and see yourself as a victim, instead look at the cross and see yourself as a beloved child of God.
  • There’s a freedom and a joy waiting for you if you only stop looking backward and let go.


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