Welcome Home

Body & Soulscaping: A New Beginning

Body & Soulscaping is about my changing personally inside and out.

The ‘Inside’ would cover my mind, my soul and my health. This is my journey towards finding peace within myself, being content with my life and who I am and living a healthier lifestyle.

The ‘Outside’ would cover the way I present myself, my confidence and getting healthy enough to get back to my outside living space, my sanctuary, and my spirit which is my garden.

Let me also introduce you to ‘Garden and Grills’.

Gardening and Grilling have always been a passion of my hubby and myself. He did the grilling and I did the gardening. Of course I got involved in the grilling part by tasting and approving everything. We loved spending time together in our yard, enjoying an easier, seemingly carefree life, even if just for a little while. What could be better than stopping for a cool glass of wine and some nibbles while gardening? For myself, my garden was my peace, a time for me to reflect, to share my thoughts and some time with Nature and God.

However, that all came to a crashing end a few years ago. I brokedown. I became very ill and my garden turned to weeds and my health both physically and mentally went downhill. After many therapy sessions, and health scares I started to say, “You know what? I want to live and live better, inside and out”. The thought of the journey is scary and is long. So many fears: Will I fail again? What will I do if I do fail, again? Will I be able to cope? Can I do this one more time? How do I manage my feelings? Am I prepared? There are far too many fears, questions, and what ifs. But I guess we have to start somewhere, so I thought I’d share my journey here, like a journal, but in hopes that I will stick to it since it’s out there for the world to see, and, that maybe, just maybe, this time it will work, and in my journey perhaps I might help someone else on their journey.

So, here goes: My Journey, My Journal. Let’s call it a Journial.

My hubby will also be joining me on this journey since he has been the one that had to take over my life, our life, our family and all that life entails over many years. He has been down this road before, when I had cancer in 1997. It’s a journey we want to do together, a new beginning for both of us. I could never have made it this far without his love and support.

We will be talking about:

  • Healthy lifestyle changes (adjusted to us and how we can cope)
  • Recipes
  • Diabetes (We both are now Diabetic: I am pre-diabetic and hubby is Type 2)
  • Thoughts, quotes, support and I hope a chuckle now and then
  • Changes in body, soul and mind.
  • The things that have changed my way of thinking and inspired me
  • Where I obtained the knowledge & information. (see disclaimer on the About Page)

I have been on a never-ending journey for weight loss, self-improvement etc for most of my life. I have compiled a wealth of information from many sources and combined ideas for what works for me. This is where I would like to share these with you. The successes and failures. Please, it is up to you to come up with how and what works for you.

 Good Luck in your Body & Soulscaping: A New Beginning

Let the Journial begin…



5 comments on “Welcome Home

    • Thank you so much for nominating me. I haven’t been on my blog to see this until now. I have been trying to find myself in so many ways.
      I am honoured to accept it and wish you all the best with your continued support in reaching out to others. I should have remembered you when I needed inspiration. I am back now with better hope.

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